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When a Colleague Turns Into Competition

Episode Summary

Speaking with international tenor Jordan Pitts about being a good colleague, and when a colleague turns into your competition!

Episode Notes

I am so excited to speak with international tenor Jordan Pitts. We are discussing a somewhat taboo topic that a lot of people in this business don't discuss (in public at least), competition, and how to be a good colleague. Mr. Pitts has been recognized for his "heroic", "passionate" and "bewitching" performances both on the operatic stage, as well as in concert. He has made guest appearances on NPR, WQXR, New York 1, and ABC News as well as featured articles in The New Yorker Magazine and The London Times International.

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Guest: Jordan Pitts, Tenor

Tik Tok: Jordan Pitts

Host: Bri Cooper

Tik Tok: Bri Cooper